Your Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Her 2017: New Ultimate Free Gift Ideas Guide For Womens Xmas Presents

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Xmas 2017 is Approaching!

So Christmas is coming up and you are deciding on what to buy your special loved ones. This can seem a daunting task, especially when you have no idea what the other person wants or needs…

This is where we come in and save the day with our completely free list of our top 5 presents for HER. For the complete guide of the best gift ideas for women this Christmas 2017, please sign up to our mailing list for The Ultimate Gift Ideas Guide for Xmas 2017 for more updates.

1) All-New Amazon Echo Plus

Ever feeling too lazy to go up and get your phone to order a pizza or to get up to get the remote to change channels. Well Amazon have made this nifty gadget that is a very cool Christmas gift to give to any loved one, due to its handy functionalities and voice recognition abilities.

This gadget is actually a voice-controlled assistant /and Bluetooth speaker /friend

/…everything <3


  • Easy to setup
  • New Generation Technology
  • Can be controlled using the remote
  • Settings can be altered with the Amazon Alexa Iphone and Android App.
  • Amazon Echo Voice – Alexa (Good voice recognition that gets better over time)
  • Nice looking
  • Versatile with ever-growing Skills selection

Difference Between Echo and Echo Dotamazon echo dot technology

The main difference between the echo and Echo Dot is the speaker…

The Echo Dot is essentially a decapitated Amazon Echo, without the large speaker underneath it.

Instead, the Echo Dot has a worse off speaker that sounds very tinny.

Despite this it’s still just as functional, and offers even better audio playback options than the original Echo as it was designed in mind to be used with an external speaker.

‘Which one would I buy?’

Probably the Echo as it looks nicer and makes a perfect wireless speaker whereas you can not really use the dot without an external speaker connected to it.


Do I Need An Amazon Echo To Use An Echo Dot And Vice Versa?

In short, the answer is no.

Whether you chose to buy the tall Echo or the small Echo Dot you do not need both for them to work.

If you buy the Echo you can purchase several echo dots to place around your house if you have several rooms and if Alexa is finding it difficult to hear you. Or…

You could just purchase one for the room you spend most your time in. If you are going for the one off option I do recommend just going for the standard Amazon Echo.

Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new features and skills. Just ask Alexa to control compatible smart devices, request an Uber, order a pizza, and more.



2) iPhone X

So we all know about the new iPhone launch, and for some reason we always here about the new Apple iPhone before any other new phone release. This shows how popular the device is compared to its rivals.

Compared to its predecessors and the newly launched iPhone 8, its suppose to have many new iPhone features. The main new feature is the new Apple facial recognition.

Apple has stated, “Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen. One so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience. And so intelligent it can respond to a tap, your voice, and even a glance. With iPhone X, that vision is now a reality. Say hello to the future.”

This amazing 5.8inch super retina display with an OLED screen will be orgasmic to the human eye.

The camera will be better than its previous models.

The speakers will be improved.

…So will the strength of the phone as its made of steel and their strongest ever glass panel.

Despite the phone having the largest screen to ever be on an iPhone, its actually comparatively smaller in body size when put against the iphone 8 plus.

The new iPhone will be costly, however you get what you pay and it is Apple at end of the day.

The official iPhone X release date is on the 03.11.17.

Check it out here

3) Swarovski Swan Bangle

This beautiful crystal diamond bracelet made by exquisite designer Swarovski will make all the other women envy your loved one. With its sleek design and gorgeous swan, it will be the perfect accessory for any outfit. This silver bangle is available also in a rose gold bracelet colour.Image result for Swarovski Swan Bangle

Some key features:

  • This rhodium-plated Swan bangle features the iconic Swarovski motif: the swan.
  • Shimmering in clear crystal pavé, it offers a timelessly elegant look.
  • The adjustable chain closure offers high wearability and comfort.
  • Since 1895, founder Daniel Swarovski’s mastery of crystal cutting has defined the company. His enduring passion for innovation and design has made it the world’s premier jewellery and accessory brand. Today, the family carries on the tradition of delivering extraordinary everyday style to women around the world.
  • Each jewellery piece benefits from the superior quality, precision and extraordinary brilliance of Swarovski crystals.

    Image result for Swarovski Swan Bangle

Check it out here

4) FitBit Alta HR Fitness Wristband

FitBit has been around for quite some time now and are the leading wrist fitness activity tracker. This smart watch is their thinnest one yet with a heart beat scanner.

Image result for FitBit Alta HR Fitness Wristband

Key features: 

  • Get continuous, wrist-based heart rate tracking and simplified heart rate zones
  • Track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time
  • Automatically track your sleep quality and wake up peacefully with a silent alarm
  • Automatically recognizes select activities and records them in the exercise section of the Fitbit app
  • Battery life up to 7 days so you can track all day and night without needing a charge
  • See your time in light, deep and REM stages to better understand your sleep quality

Get the best FitBit the market has to offer.

The FitBit app which it comes with is also amazing with all the data from your daily activities and now you can create competitions to battle your loved ones and see who’s the most active!

Check it out here

For other tech ideas this Xmas! Check it out here!


Amazon have several of these personalized journals for sale. These pretty notebooks are the perfect diary made of beautiful leather. The one I am sharing includes a pen gift set.

Key Features:

  •  BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED & UNIQUE: Soft & Supple Dark Brown Genuine Water Buffalo Leather with a real leather scent. Naturally tanned with special oil, if you scratch or fold this crazy horse leather, you create your own distressed vintage style! Rub your markings and they will fade away. Being hand-made, no two are quite the same – a special keepsake for your thoughts, plans & ideas
  •  ECO-FRIENDLY: 120 sheets/240 pages (counting both sides) of blank, off-white/cream coloured paper (NON-REFILLABLE), hand-crafted with recycled cotton which is acid free & tree free – environmentally kind! NO BLEED THROUGH: Use any pen on this thick quality paper which has a natural fibre variation, weighing 125gsm
  •  PERFECT SIZE & MANY USES: 4cm thickness, easy for handwriting, drawing or sketching and compact for carrying in your bag. Perfect for Artists Watercolour Pads, Girls Diaries, Traveling Notebooks, Guest Books, Teen Journals, Poetry Work, Fountain Pens, Food Planner, Scrapbooks, Calligraphy and Bible Journalling
  •  ANTIQUE CHARM: Hand cut asymmetric flap and cover with hand stitched Coptic leather binding which secures the pages firmly. The leather wrap around strap effectively keeps your journal closed and also acts as a handy bookmark. Integrated leather pen holder loop stitched into the cover spine to store the BONUS PEN!
  •  TRY IT TODAY! Makes Awesome Anniversary or Birthday Gifts: INCLUDES BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX AND PREMIUM BALL POINT PEN! Your purchase will also be helping protect children in Zambia in Africa, as we donate a percentage of our profits to the Tehila Trust, which promotes the prevention of child cruelty.

Image result for LEATHER JOURNAL GIFT SET Handmade Writing Notebook 7 x 5 Inches Unlined Paper, Rustic Leatherbound Daily Notepad For Men & Women, Ideal Present with Box, Secret Pen Holder and Luxury Metallic Pen

Get your leather travel journal now!


Check it out here

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